Tired of seeing your dreams disappear in thin air year after year?

Have lots of ideas but have trouble seeing your ideas through?

Frustrated and feeling like you're not getting the results you want in your life?

Here's what you'll learn when you join my masterclass:

  • A 5-minute strategy for setting specific, high-quality goals to ensure you achieve them

  • A 5-step process to reframe any challenge that impedes progress on your goals

  • A 5-week model to build momentum and take actionable steps to see your goals through to the finish line

  • 5-mindset shifts that will help you overcome fear, doubt, and procrastination to visualize and take action on your dreams

But most're going to learn how asking the right questions makes it 9X more likely to reach your goals, like thousands of my patients and coaching clients.

PLUS ...

With your registration, you'll get my FREE complete course workbook with a BONUS 45 mindset shifts and an action plan worksheet to help you SUPERCHARGE your goals!


Successful people ask better questions that empower them, fuel their vision and lead them to clear answers and stronger solutions.

Whether it's losing weight, saving money, or having the mental energy to create more of the life you really want and less of what you don't, asking the RIGHT questions will instantly shift your emotions, get your brain laser-focused on what’s important, release creative blocks and reveal solutions.

Presented by

Angel V. Shannon, MS, CRNP

January 25, 2023
12:00pm Eastern Time

Why $5?

Because I want you to SHOW UP and make a commitment to YOU and your best life.

When we pay for something we demonstrate commitment to our dreams, even if it's just a dollar.

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